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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Prog 47

Now 2000 Ad is going through a period where the covers are the opening page of the Dan Dare strip. I like this. It seems like an attempt to create a seventies version of the Eagle Comic cover style from the fifties. Judge Dredd, the young upstart competition to Dare’s popularity, has been promoted to starting with the centre pages. Here, the strip’s opening two pages are in colour.
The Visible Man makes it’s premier appearance, being the first writing credit to Pat Mills. I’m pretty sure that Mills was responsible for a substantial amount of the writing before the crediting began. I understand he was probably responsible for the entire first issue.
I savoured reading prog 47, possibly due to a parcel of new comics expected later that day and bunch of graphic novels as presents for Christmas, I knew that I wouldn’t be reading prog 48 for a while. I was so caught up in the stories that I was reading that when the future Beatles made a cameo appearance in Invasion I had to remind myself that Gerry Finley-Day wasn’t suffering from senility by writing John Lennon as still being alive in 1999.
I also received a package of 500 old style 2000 AD bags. I don’t imagine repeating this experiment ever again, but it would be pretty cool when refering to back progs for them to still be in pretty good shape, don't you think.


  • Blimey! John Lennon in Invasion! Missed that one. Darn!

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 1:52 pm  

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