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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Prog 44

At last, the series of “super covers” is over. They started out as good fun but eventually slipped into tedium only occasionally brightened up by Kevin O’Neill and Bret Ewins. Now we’re seeing illustrations on the front relating to stories from within. Admittedly, it might be shame that this Judge Dredd cover isn’t by this issue’s strip artist Mike McMahon but Kevin O’Neill makes a good second choice.
O’Neill has started drawing a short, newspaper styled strip called Bonjo From Beyond the Stars or something. Because it’s Christmas, this issue’s runs to a full page. Wow! It’s fun but I would rather see him drawing straighter stories rather than goofy strips like this. The advantage of hind site means I can say, it seems to be an under utilisation of his talents.
I guess that Judge Dredd is being established as 2000 AD’s favourite strip now given that it is the first of the ongoers to be given a cover spot since the Supercover series began. It’s also appropriate, I think, to read this prog at this time of year. Merry Christmas!
I’m still attempting to fill in the gaps in my collection, specifically Annuals and Sci-fi specials. I’ve already passed the point in this experiment by which I should have read the first “summer special” and I’m now at the end of where I should have read the first Annual from 1978.
Finally, there’s a photo feature on Star Wars in this prog. I guess the country is in the grip of Star Wars fever for the first time. My memory of the beginnings of 2000 AD being a cash-in in the interest in science fiction triggered by the movie might be another that is wrong. Given that the comic has been running for nearly a year at this point and the weeks of preparation required before it had even begun means that I’m now thinking this must have been another trick of my Mike Baldwin like memory.


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