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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Prog 41

No sooner do I mention that John Wagner is being credited as “John Wagner” as writer for Judge Dredd than his name gets changed to “John Howard”. I have no real idea why this happened for as long as it did. I had always presumed that Wagner preferred to keep his head down. During the eighties for example, when many other 2000 AD creator droids were willing to attend Comic Conventions and bask in the light of mainstream coolness, Wagner seemed to prefer to stay at home.
Artist Brian Bolland’s first Judge Dredd strip appears in this issue. It’s the second part of the two part Death Race 5000. His style seems to sit somewhere between that which had been established by Mike McMahan and what he was going to help establish as the definitive way to draw the character, all scowl and chin. It’s certainly great to look at, especially as, in comparison with the rest of his work on Judge Dredd, has rarely been reprinted.

The character Spikes Harvey Rotten makes his premier in this story. Unlike the blonde, grenade-as-earring-wearing punk that goes onto appear in The Cursed Earth story, this Rotten is drawn more as a Hell’s Angel. I prefer the later version.


  • As I understand it, the number of pseudonyms employed by Wagner (& later, Grant) was an editorial mandate so it wouldn't look like the same people were writing every story

    By Blogger Peter, at 12:07 pm  

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