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Monday, December 18, 2006

Prog 40

ITEM: Credit where credit is due. My recollection that all the creators were being credited for the work since prog 1 is wrong and only started a couple of issues ago. I had almost forgotten writers like Tom Tully and Alan Hebden. John Wagner is being credited as “John Wagner” instead of “John Howard” or “T.B. Grover” as he was for many years soon after.
ITEM: The first art, as far as I can tell, by Brett Ewins and Brendan McCarthy graced a two-part Future Shock a prog or two ago. I say “two part” but I think it was a five-paged strip split into two parts because of space restrictions.
It’s interesting to me that there seem to be a lot more ads (by which I mean genuine ads for other products, as opposed to space filling promotions for different comics published by IPC at the time) in these issues than there is today. Also, strips would often finish on the half page to accommodate an ad. There has even been a Dan Dare strip recently, the final page of which stopped for an oddly shaped ad for something or other. You wouldn’t get that these days.
ITEM: It might have something to do with the accelerated rate at which I’m reading 2000 AD, but I’m getting a bit tired of this “super cover” series. I’m really looking forward to seeing covers by the interior artists relating to strips that they have drawn. The obvious exception is this cover by the always exceptional, Kevin O’Neill.
ITEM: I’ve worked out that, at the rate that I’m reading these comics, it will be over a year after I started before I finish this project. It will slow down over Christmas too as I’m expecting a delivery of new comics this weekend (the reading of new titles always take priority over old ones) and a bunch of graphic novels from my Amazon wish list as presents for Christmas.


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