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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prog 28

Dan Dare returns this prog after a short break (a short break even by real time standards). This time it’s being drawn by Dave Gibbons who is the artist I associate most with the character, in 2000 AD at least. Interestingly, considering that he was the highest profile character in the comic at the time, he returns to little fanfare. The cover only references someone called “DD”, as if we’re supposed to have known who that was other than Daredevil.
I’ve noticed that the only strip to have featured any creative credits at this time is Dan Dare and then only the artist is named. My recollection that the “creator droid cards” were there on all the strips from the start is obviously wrong.
Gibbons seems to have been a fully formed and relatively prolific artist from the start of 2000 AD. Prior to Dare he drew the majority of Harlem Heroes. Apart from Watchmen and Green Lantern during the eighties, I can’t remember an occasion since that he’s come close to working at this pace. Unlike Belardinelli, whose previous Dare was exotic and the closest to feeling alien, Gibbons’ version is fresh, clean and looks more like the character that older readers would have remembered from The Eagle.


  • I think that it was the editors' intention from day one to use Dan Dare to pull readers in whilst using more subversive strips like Judge Dredd and Flesh to reveal the comic's true nature. I suspect they couldn't wait to get rid of the square jawed spaceman from ye olde comics.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 1:42 pm  

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