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Friday, December 01, 2006

Prog 24

I was interested to read in Paul Gravett’s book Great British Comics, that when Kevin O’Neill started working in the comics industry during the sixties one of his first jobs, apparently, was to white out all the artists’ signatures on the artwork. Hey, it’s a living! It was a surprise to me because I always assumed that his career started with 2000 AD during the seventies.
Anyway, this issue, features the first Future Shock, or the prelude to the first Future Shock. A three paged strip drawn by O’Neill (who, incidentally, draws the cover). Some kid breaks into the Nerve Centre shouting how he hates 2000 AD and it not being as good as the titles published by Wonderful Comics. Tharg puts him straight but not before we learn that Wonderful Comics is a thinly disguised version of Marvel. This strip says to me so much about where the comic was coming from at the time. When all the new punk bands were mouthing off about groups like The Rolling Stones being rock dinosaurs, 2000 AD was doing a similar thing about other publishers, albeit in a way that was slightly self deprecating.


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