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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2000 AD on TV

I’ve been trying to remember how I would have known about the existence of 2000 AD to have bought the first issues when they were released. Although I occasionally dabbled in traditional British mainstream comics (for example, I definitely got the first two or three issues of 2000 AD’s predecessor, Action) the main comics I bought were published by Marvel UK.
Almost accidentally, I found this TV advertisement for Prog 1 on You Tube. During the seventies, it wasn’t uncommon for new comics to be advertised on TV during a Saturday morning. I definitely saw this but the idea I had of it being quite lo-fi with an actor dressed up as Tharg in a jump suit and wearing a green, plastic mask was wrong. In fact, the animation probably seemed state of the art to me at the time.
Other coverage I half remember I’m still in doubt about, however. I seem to remember some mainstream press stuff about 2000 AD mimicking the look of US comics by using fewer panels per page and hand lettering. There was something on John Craven’s Newsround, focusing particularly on Dan Dare but this could easily be about the return of The Eagle during the eighties that I'm remembering.


  • ok that ad is awesome.

    It'd be fascinating to know the extent to which that first issue sold-- -i.e., was it instantly popular, or did it take some time . . .

    By Blogger David J. Williams, at 4:29 pm  

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