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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prog 18

On the back of Prog 18, which I read last night, there’s a page sized colour ad for T-shirts of the characters. It’s a surprise to me as I wasn’t aware that T-shirts were made before Titan came a long during the eighties with their French styled album collections of strips from the comic and spin off T-shirts.
I was surprised to notice that the shirts were available to buy in both child and adult sizes. I always thought that the general opinion of comics at that time was that they were only being read by children and, if any adults were reading them, then they had learning difficulties and shouldn’t be exploited by the advertisers.
All of the original strips had their own T-shirt dedicated to them. Dan Dare had two if you include The Mekon. Even Tharg (too right) got one. Therefore, you might be surprised to hear that the only exception to the range is Judge Dredd.


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